The Fedcap Group is committed to changing the world. We believe in the Power of the Possible and when you invest in The Fedcap Group, you are helping us profoundly improve the lives of individuals in need - not just for today but for generations to come.

You are helping the chronically unemployed enter and remain in the workforce, inspiring children with special needs to dream big dreams and succeed, advancing the recovery of individuals with substance use disorders or mental illness, and providing second chances to the justice involved. You are assisting older workers in finding a meaningful way to engage in their community, ensuring that our returning veterans have what they need to succeed, providing the tools and guidance so that youth leaving foster care can go to college and graduate, and developing employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Simply put, your investment is making a measurable impact.

Please join our growing family of investors and help us change the world!

Donation Information
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If you would prefer to pay by check, please mail to:

The Fedcap Group
Engagement Department
633 Third Avenue 6th Floor
 New York, NY 10017